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house plans with walkout basement and detached garage

This luxurious (but not too big!) Craftsman home plan DHSW53493 has laid-back charm and lots of special details.

Plan W29843RL: Vacation, Craftsman, Country, Mountain, Photo Gallery, Sloping Lot House Plans & Home Designs

Vaulted family room with vaulted sceened porch beyond in House Plan 26710GG. 3-4 beds. Walkout basement. Over 3,200 sq. ft. of indoor living. Plus decks and porches and a detached 2-car garage. Love!

#Luxury #House Plan 42111 has 4171 square feet of living space, 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. This plan comes with the the finished walkout basement at no additional cost. This area includes a rec room, billiard room, sitting area, wet bar, bedroom 6, a bathroom, storage room and utility room. The owner's suite features a vaulted ceiling and a spacious bathroom and walk-in closet. A loft on the upper level looks down into the two story great room.

Plan W35221GH: Mountain, Vacation, Sloping Lot, Photo Gallery, Metric House Plans & Home Designs

4 Bed Northwest House Plan with Bonus Room - 77619FB | Bungalow, Craftsman, Northwest, Exclusive, Photo Gallery, 1st Floor Master Suite, Bonus Room, Split Bedrooms | Architectural Designs

Mountain Escape with Views - 29843RL | Country, Craftsman, Mountain, Vacation, Photo Gallery, 1st Floor Master Suite, CAD Available, Den-Office-Library-Study, Media-Game-Home Theater, PDF, Split Bedrooms, Sloping Lot | Architectural Designs

Bungalow Cottage Country Craftsman Elevation of Plan 82415 with walkout basement and detached garage kitchen needs to be bigger

Wood real estate far from Lithuania, picket plant Eurodita giving out home garden real estate constructed from premium Siberian wood. If you'd like to find more information on quality log cabins, cheap log cabins, log factory, log garages, cheap garden houses, Lithuanian log houses, check out all of the information to be had at

Total Living Area: 4,225 sq. ft. Main Flr.: 2,257 sq. ft. Lower Level: 1,968 sq. ft. Screened Porch: 174 sq. ft. Attached Garage: 2 Car, 775 sq. ft.

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