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cross tattoo with ribbon around it

Image detail for -cross tattoo by kadeshra khol designs interfaces tattoo design 2010 ...

Amazing detail!!! Breast cancer and cross tattoo LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE !! IN THE COLOR LAVENDER FOR ALL CANCERS

Ovarian Cancer Ribbon with Cross T-Shirt, Sizes to 4XL | eBay

jesus on cross tattoos for men | Christian Cross Tattoo with Rosary and Praying Hands

cross tattoos for men | Gothic cross tattoo drawing and wings cross tattoo drawing. - Peg It ...

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This is pretty close to what I'm going to get (when I have the extra cash) except it'll have a Celtic cross and a pink ribbon hanging around the neck of the cross for my momma :)

ac28fb4187171de72903a241c62a8537.jpg 226×396 pixels

cool idea for a tattoo...but thinking needs a little infinity sign and an awareness ribbon tied in somehow.

Heart and Cross tattoo. 1 day out and I adore it.

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_So_Appalled 2 Feb 2012 sent via reviews
next tattoo will be a cross with a Cancer Ribbon wrapped around it. in honor of my Grandma Essie and Grandma Hazel :)

GinJureyal 15 Jan 2011 sent via reviews
First tattoo gon be of a cross with a ribbon wrapped around it and on the ribbon gon have my mama name and her birth date

A_Brimmer 2 Jun 2013 sent via reviews
When I'm a senior I'm going straight to a tattoo place and getting my cross with my grandmas DOB and the day she died on a ribbon around it

Devin_Jay 6 Feb 2016 sent via reviews
Just saw a nigga with a tattoo showing a cross with a ribbon around it saying "no regrets", people will get anything tatted nowadays smh

yugiohmygod 4 Oct 2015 sent via reviews
@carloscretana she wants a tattoo of a cross with a ribbon around it that said "country girl" and guns in the background. all u need 2 kno

RolenJess 15 Mar 2015
@TitanUP25 I'm getting a memorial tattoo for everyone I've lost. It's a cross with a rose next to it and a ribbon around it saying;

addizeigler_ 14 Mar 2015
they say girls are basic, but if I see another guy get a cross tattoo with ribbon around it I'm going to stab myself in the eyes

haileyyoderr 15 Feb 2015
it'll be a memorial tattoo for my grandpa and Emily its a cross with a cancer ribbon around it. Its only about an inch or two long

GREATVICTORY44 10 Oct 2014
Can anyone design a cross tattoo with pink breast cancer ribbon around it??

seangabel 17 Apr 2014
I just saw the most original tattoo, a cross with a ribbon around it. So sick!

e_man_49 25 Mar 2014
Should I get my tattoo on my chest or arm?? It's a cross with a ribbon around the bottom that says "Philippians 4:13"

JaciScholler 9 Jan 2014
a cross tattoo with a ribbon wrapped around it saying in memory of Jeremiah... I think anyways

redskin_hans 24 Oct 2013
I'm getting one for sure tattoo. A cross with a pink ribbon around it with my grandma's name.

YourSweetVenom7 26 Aug 2013
tattoo idea #2 cross with teal cancer ribbon around it inside my arm by my scar

andrewbeltran11 11 Jul 2013
draw me one too cause I'm getting a tattoo on my 18th but of a cross with a cancer ribbon around it

412drewskibay 21 Jun 2013
Second tattoo consist of my last name With a cross and ribbon around it on my Back. like I'll pay for my bday gift again

TexanHockeyGuy 20 Jun 2013
If you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be a... — A cross with a ribbon wrapped around it that says Psa...

Cnote_twofour 12 May 2013
i want a cross tattoo with a ribbon wrapped around it that says Psalm 16:8. That verse has kept me going on the worst days.

maryellen_bxtch 6 May 2013
My tattoo is gonna be a cross with a pancreatic cancer ribbon around it with roses with RIP 4/12/11 RMC on the ribbon

RealLifeSeven 9 Mar 2013
@thejeffrial I'm getting a cross with a ribbon wrapped around it that says armour of God, i plan on going to Marvel tattoo, and I have $200.

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